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A Client Story - Carolyn Whitney, PhD

searching for options client story hospital dischargeAs a caregiver for both of my parents, when my elderly father with dementia fell and was hospitalized I was desperately looking for a rehabilitation facility where he could go to recover.  I was making all the calls myself, doing as much research as I could on the facilities, taking calls in the hospital room as I encouraged my father to keep eating and to do as the nurses asked him to do.  My mother and I were driving around to the facilities to speak with people as we tried to find the best place where he could go to get the physical therapy that he needed.  After the eighth facility communicated that they did not have a bed for my father or could not provide the care that he needed I was very distressed and so confused.  The hospital wanted to discharge him and neither the hospital case manager nor I had not found a place for him to go. 

Thankfully, one of the people I spoke with at a care facility told me I should definitely call Jessica as she had helped another family she knew with a challenging situation to get their loved one placed in a good facility.  With limited means and my mother sitting in the hospital room with my father, Jessica came to the hospital that very day and met with me to find out how she could help.  She was very gracious with her time and also compassionate as she listened to me express how stressful and confusing the whole process had been trying to find care for my father, and without hesitation, Jessica said she could assist me. 

I didn’t really know what that meant but I was so exhausted and relieved that someone would join me in finding good care for my father. Right away she got all the medical records, medications list, and all the notes from his hospital stay and before I knew it that afternoon she was underway making calls and finding the care that my father needed.  Her professionalism and quality of care along with how expedient everything was handled was simply amazing.  She called frequently to check in on me and always promptly answered any of my calls, emails, or text messages.  She went to the facility frequently to check on my father and to coordinate his care needs with the staff there.  I cannot say enough about how impressed I was with her knowledge and how well she was able to work with staff at multiple hospitals and care facilities. 

Jessica Care is truly a gift and a blessing to those in need of assistance in navigating the complexities of caring for the elderly or any family member.  I would highly recommend her and her company to anyone in need of any level of assistance.  You won’t be disappointed and I trust you will find as I did, that Jessica will take care of anything that needs attention, coordination, communication, oversight, or management in such a way that your loved one receives the best care possible.  Thanks so much, Jessica!

Jessica helped our family during my fathers’ recent medical challenges. Living in another state from my father, her local knowledge of area resources were quite helpful to our family. 

Having her as ‘boots on the ground’ and her constant communication put my family at ease at an otherwise challenging time. An advocate for the patient and family … extraordinaire.  Simply doesn’t get any better than this management company … truly!

Dave Walters

I can’t thank you enough for all your help. From our first conversation on the phone, I knew you were an amazing person. We spent more time talking about my dad than the business of health care. You immediately saw what an incredible guy he was and gave us a clear direction to an otherwise confusing process. You’re really good at what you do and really understand how to interact with families under the toughest of times.

Blake Danforth

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